How can I reduce water consumption on my bottling line? We increase the efficiency of your bottling process.
How do I prevent unplanned downtime? Our in-depth assessment will point the weak links.
How do I integrate a range of machines in my bottling line to create a single efficient network?

Crown-Baele, the independent service & engineering partner for your packaging process

Are you looking for a service and engineering partner for your packaging line? Crown-Baele are the experts in packaging and bottling lines with over 100 years’ experience. Every day we analyse, optimize and maintain packaging lines around the world. We are familiar with international best practices and we design smart solutions for you. We work with you to improve your packaging process, increasing its efficiency and sustainability. We help you achieve your targets and get the best return on investment. With Crown-Baele you are assured of multi-brand expertise and structural, long-term solutions.

Process Optimization Services

Packaging Systems

Washing Technology

Do you need a high-performance, user-friendly and sustainable bottle washer? Are you looking for a partner with the right solution for your budget and requirements? Or, can you prolong the life of your current equipment with a few modifications? More info

Anti-scuffing technology

Premium brands put a great value on their image for quality. Scratched bottles harm this image and, therefore, sales. But how do I make sure that my return bottles don’t lose their shine?In collaboration with Sopura (www.sopura.com) Crown-Baele has developed the Jetcoat anti-scuffing system that can be easily integrated into an existing process without the need to alter your equipment or add further software. The PLC controlled machine functions autonomously but can be adapted to communicate with other machines in the line.How does it work? The machine sprays the bottle with a protective wax coating to eliminate scratches or prevent existing scratches from getting bigger, extending the life span of your returned bottles. The Jetcoat is able to detect that bottles are present on the conveyor belt as well as the speed at which they are transported. The system switches on and off automatically and adjusts the amount of wax based on the speed of transportation that it has detected. The Jetcoat… More info

Filling technology

Fillers are often the main bottleneck in the packaging line and tend to be the first cause of unplanned stoppages. Where do you find a reliable partner who can produce compatible fillers custom-made for your company and install and maintain them too?Isobaric filling systems are suitable for filling glass and PET bottles with sparkling, flat and hot drinks in a pressurised environment. Crown-Baele’s isobaric fillers are user friendly, very reliable and work well even at high speeds. You are in complete control of the amount of liquid added to each bottle and bottles are sterilised automatically. Volumetric filling systems have been specially designed for PET bottles. This type of bottle is low in weight and will expand when filled with carbonated drinks. The expansion rate depends on the carbon dioxide content of the drink which has an effect on the filling volumes. The latest generation of volumetric fillers reduces volume changes such as these by 80%.Product loss is reduced and bottles… More info

Spare parts

How do you save on spare parts without losing out on quality? Are you looking for a partner who supplies spare parts for all of the different elements of your line from stock and can supply them quickly?Crown-Baele has a large stock of replacement parts. Furthermore, we also have the expertise to reverse engineer spare parts for machines from any manufacturer. As well as producing the parts we can improve the way your packaging or bottling line functions.Crown-Baele is your independent partner for the production of high-quality spare parts. We deliver world-wide. More info